Meet Trish

Trish White-Boyd is a dedicated public servant with a proven track record of effective leadership and a deep-rooted commitment to the community she serves. As a former Vice-Mayor and current Roanoke City Council member, Trish has demonstrated her unwavering passion for advocating on behalf of her constituents and addressing the challenges faced by the people of Roanoke City.

With a background in community activism, Trish has consistently fought for the betterment of her city, focusing on issues such as education, affordable housing, economic development, and sustainability. Her ability to listen and understand the needs of her constituents has earned her a reputation as a trusted and approachable leader.

Now, Trish is taking her passion for public service and leadership to the next level as she runs for State Senate to represent District 4 and continue her mission to create a brighter future for her community.


Trish remains steadfast in her commitment to our city and maintains a strong emphasis on the crucial issues at hand. As a City Council member, she believes that by championing and investing in these areas, we can nurture and strengthen our community together.


Trish recognizes the significance of quality education in our community, having raised her own children here. Trish is committed to creating a better future for our children by increasing teachers' salaries, which will draw and retain top-quality educators.

Women's Rights

Trish is committed to advocating for women's rights, including pay equity, reproductive freedom, and affordable healthcare, and will fight to protect them as your State Senator.

Affordable Housing

By championing safe and affordable housing initiatives, Trish is committed to promoting economic equity in the valley. She will strive to level the playing field by advocating for safe and affordable housing for all residents.


Trish understands that the environment is crucial to the livelihood of Southwest Virginians and is dedicated to preserving our invaluable natural resources. She will work to defend and conserve our land for future generations.

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